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Brand Love Is The Ultimate

Much has been written about brand love. On a scale of one to ten, with ten being the ultimate, most brands fall in the middle to the lower end of the scale. Here's an article from the AMA Journal about a theoretical approach to brand love.

Great Way For Developing Strategies To Fool The Competition

McKinsey's recent email letter discusses how major corporations are using war games to develop strategies that fool the competition, including ways to innovate. Although the article does not site specific companies, it does site industry categories such as a global high tech firm. Go to:

12 Mini Trends To Run With Now, from Trendwatching

"In a world of global hyper-consumption and creative destruction, there are now more consumer trends than you can swing a stick at. Here's just a small selection of 'mini' consumer and business trends that are currently on our radar. And to underscore just how global the game has become, the mini-trends are accompanied by examples from Dubai, France, South Africa, the US, Brazil, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Kenya, China, Spain, Colombia, Japan and many more."

The Social Side Of Strategy by McKinsey

"Crowdsourcing your strategy may sound crazy. But a few pioneering companies are starting to do just that, boosting organizational alignment in the process. Should you join them?" MAY 2012 • Arne Gast and Michele Zanini Source: Organization Practice, Strategy Practice

Demystifying Social Media by McKinsey

"As the marketing power of social media grows, it no longer makes sense to treat it as an experiment. Here’s how senior leaders can harness social media to shape consumer decision making in predictable ways." APRIL 2012 • Roxane Divol, David Edelman, and Hugo Sarrazin Source: Marketing & Sales Practice