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How To Measure The Value Of Your Marketing Investment

Understanding marketing is critical to how and where you invest your marketing funds.

Millward Brown Digital's 10 Tips For Optimizing Your Online Branding Campaign

Millward Brown Digital has been a forerunner in exploring ways to measure the branding impact of online campaigns. "Now, with data available in real-time, we can additionally learn what’s working in a specific campaign, and make changes while it’s still in market."

"The Real Leadership Lessons of Steve Jobs"

The Wall Street Pit reports" Walter Isaacson follows up his biography of Steve Jobs with an “insanely great” piece in the April HBR. He drills down on the factors that helped to catapult the legendary entrepreneur into an elite league of American business leaders, including Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, and Walt Disney. The 14 factors listed below continue at Apple (AAPL) as part Jobs’ legacy, which is helping drive the stock on an epic run, now up 67 percent since November 25th and adding $240 billion to the company’s market capitalization. That’s a lot wealth creation — equivalent to 1.6 percent of U.S. GDP. No wonder the animal spirits are running again. 1) Focus; 2) Simplify; 3) Take Responsibility End to End; 4) When Behind, Leapfrog; 5) Put Products Before Profits; 6) Don’t Be a Slave To Focus Groups; 7) …

Lady Gaga and Madonna Do It. We All Should.

Lady Gaga and Madonna do it. We all should The latest issue of HBR contains a great article entitled: REINVENTING YOUR PERSONAL BRAND, with six excellent tips. One is "Leverage your points of difference." It's all pretty OBVIOUS ADAMS stuff, however worth the read and reminder.

Does Your Brand Have Optimal Brand Architecture?

Millward Brown's latest newsletter includes an informative article on brand architecture. Six critical brand characteristics are described to help you determine whether your brand architecture is optimized. For example, is your brand positioned to differentiate? See:

Important New Self-Regulatory Program For Online Behavioral Advertising

Some of our country's largest marketing and media trade associations joined forces to enhance industry self-regulation to foster transparency, knowledge and provide consumer with choices regarding their online viewing of targeted advertising. See entire press release