Brand builder, creative facilitator and inspiring team leader.

At the heart of Ann Iverson's fascination with her work over the years is her capacity to uncover new selling opportunities for her clients. Her method is to dig relentlessly for more insightful, more informed, more effective ways of looking at the market to reach customers. Studying customers until the world is seen through their eyes is part of her formula for successful branding. As a result, Iverson develops strategies and programs that reach those customers in new and highly profitable ways.

Iverson has lectured on strategic branding and positioning at various American Association of Advertising Agencies' training programs, Ogilvy’s training programs worldwide, taught at Rice University for nine years with an emphasis on strategic branding, positioning and execution, Houston Baptist University, New York University, Skidmore College, University of Texas, and The University of Houston. She has been the keynote speaker at various American Advertising Federation chapter clubs around the country.