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What Is A Brand?

We've all seen numerous definitions of a brand. Essentially a brand where a product or service "fits" in the consumer's mind. That fit is all about a basketful of attributes made up of two key components: performance (what are you going to do for me today) and emotional rewards (how are you going to make me feel today). Successful marketers have and continue to recognize those important components, with emotional rewards becoming more and more important given the sea of sameness in product and service offerings available today. To better understand brands and branding, read UNDERSTANDING BRANDS BY10 PEOPLE WHO DO, edited by Don Cowley. It's available on

How To Define A Brand

There are tons of articles and journal articles that help us define brands. One simple truth is that to succeed in the sea of sameness world of branding, connecting with customers at their emotional level is essential. That is not to say that rational connections are not important.   Read what some British experts have to say at

Building Brands Through Community Efforts

More and more companies are instituting web grass roots efforts to build their brands.  According to Umar Hague, a London economist and Havas Media Lab director, "By choosing to invest in consumers over advertising, Google is a living example of a deeper truth: The future of communications as advantage lies in talking less and listening more."   Read more, about brands like Zappos and Craigslist at